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Meet Journey

Journey came to me from Campbell county. He’s 12-14 weeks and as you can see, he’s in need of some help. He’s been treated for lice, but the eggs are still attached. This is what A Chance For Champ is all about. Taking in animals from shelters, helping them get healthy, and training them.

Journey is terrified of humans and at this point, he can only have so much human contact because of the eggs. He is making some progress, but without help, I can only to so much. I was able to get some samples to help treat the eggs and got his second round of vaccinations. He still needs to be neutered and more vaccinations.

I could use some help. A Chance For Champ is a nonprofit 501c3. I’m always happy to answer any questions and even get a volunteer or 2 to help me out here.

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