Hounds Emergency LiVing Plan (help)

Hounds Emergency Living Plan (HELP)

As a nation, we are grateful for the numerous sacrifices that our Military Veterans have made on our behalf. Many suffer in silence, as result of their service to our country.

We have seen time and time again, the healing bond between these brave men and women and their canine companion(s). Despite all of the joy that these dogs bring to their people, still there are many Veterans in need of urgent medical care; physical as well as mental; in many cases, the treatment needed is not a quick fix and may require these veterans be in a long-term care situation. As a result, so many veterans are delaying, or refusing, the medical care they need because they are unwilling to abandon their pet(s).

Those of us at Heroes and Hound of East Tennessee are working to establish the HELP medical fund in order to cover the boarding, fostering, and vetting expenses of these beloved dogs, in order for their people to receive the much needed treatment they require, and deserve.

If you want to support these magnificent vets and their companions, please consider contributing to our GoFundMe.

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